The Conference Connection Group aims to be the market leader in the provision of commercial information, strategies and independent platforms for networking and sharing of knowledge, through its flagship events, corporate briefings, international summits, training courses and seminars.

Vision Statement

The Conference Connection Group strives to be the market leader in high-level industry conferences by providing a professionally-managed, independent platform for information exchange for commerce.

This includes the following:

  • Knowledge exchange through established flagship events, which attract senior executives and key corporate decision makers, policy makers, innovators and experts.
  • Dissemination of latest business issues through corporate briefings, international summits, courses, seminars and managed events and in-house company training.
  • Facilitating the discussion of leading edge business strategies with relevant business and industry leaders.
  • Delivering outstanding opportunities for industry networking on a global basis.
  • Maximizing customer loyalty and satisfaction through the regular creation of value-added innovative products and services.
  • Advancement of knowledge and acquisition of business information through education and customized workshops and training courses.
  • Building on-going, long-term relationships with our partners, delegates, role-players and advisors.
  • Being the preferred partner and organizer of key international industry events