CNF 2023

Dr. Ranjit Kulkarni

Global Director - Business Development
Honeywell UOP, UAE

Ranjit is the Global Director – Business Development and responsible for development and sales of capital projects in Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing and Sustainable Technologies for Honeywell UOP. His professional experience spans more than 24 years covering sales, research, refinery operations, several refinery startups in Asia, FSU & Europe. He has also provided technical consultations to refinery and petrochemicals customers across Europe, FSU, ME, Africa, Asia & Far East. 

Ranjit is on the technical advisory board of several Middle East conference committees and a regular speaker, panelist or host for several conferences. Through his career he has published many scientific papers and awarded several internal and international recognitions. Ranjit has earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.  

Prior to Honeywell UOP, Ranjit has worked at Deepak Fertilizers and Reliance Industries in India. 

CNF 2023