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Dr. Iman Nasseri

MD Dubai

Dr Iman Nasseri, Managing Director - Middle East, is based in Dubai. He received his PhD in Economics in the United States, focusing on energy economics, in 2013. 

In FGE, he is primarily focused on downstream oil and gas (LNG). On the oil side, Iman is responsible for Middle East oil research; he works closely with the refining team and is involved with FGE’s Annual World Refining Outlook. On the gas side, Iman works with the global gas team based in Singapore to manage clients. 

Since Jan 2018, as MD of Middle East, Iman has been in charge of the FGE analysis and coverage of the Middle East for oil and works closely with the Head of Middle East Gas on the region's gas/LNG coverage. 

Holding a master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, from Universities in Iran. He previously worked for Iran’s Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), the research arm of the Ministry of Petroleum.  Before joining FGE-London in 2014 as a full-time consultant, Iman worked part time for FGE as a research associate in the Hawaii office, where he was involved with several gas-related projects. 

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