CNF 2023

Mr. Armaan Ashraf 

Global Head, NGLs
FGE, Singapore

Armaan leads the Natural Gas Liquids team at FGE. 

During his time at FGE, Armaan has played a key role in growing the Condensate & Naphtha service, directing the coverage and analysis for the long-term and short-term reports as well as ad-hoc studies/projects in the Condensate/Naphtha space. 

He also covers petrochemical feedstock dynamics across the NGLs space (ethane, LPG, naphtha and condensate) and has helped push forward the coverage of downstream petrochemical markets (both olefins and aromatics) across NGLs basket of reports. 

Prior to joining FGE, Armaan worked at Freepoint Commodities LLC where he was an analyst covering middle distillates markets and supporting the trading floor. Armaan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the National University of Singapore. 

CNF 2023