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Mr. Abdulaziz Al Attar

Head of Office, India Regional Office, Mumbai
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Far East) K.S.C., India

In 1992, Mr Al-Attar joined Kuwait Petroleum Corporation as a Sales Representative in International Marketing. In 1995, he was assigned overseas to the Kuwait Petroleum (Far East) Singapore Regional Office. In 1998, he joined the Market Research Department at KPC to conduct economic studies of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products and identify sales opportunities and challenges.

In 2000, Mr. Al-Attar was nominated for five years by Kuwait to join OPEC as a Fiscal Policies Analyst (diplomatic status). In 2005, he rejoined the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Market Research Department. In November 2008, he transferred as Head of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Houston office). In March 2021, he transferred as Head of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Far East) India regional office – in Mumbai. 

His studies included a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana, a Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Exploration and Production Economics from Oxford College of Petroleum and Energy, and a master’s degree in petroleum policy from the University of Dundee. He has published several papers.

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