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Ms Alexis Aik

Managing Director Global Gas/LNG

Alexis Aik (易执颖) is Managing Director of FGE Singapore (Asian Headquarters) and Managing Director of the group's gas/LNG research and consulting practice. She sits on both the Executive Committee and Board of FGE. She has around 18 years of experience in oil/gas consultancy with FGE.

Alexis is the founder of FGE’s commercial practice (LNG Commercial Advisory Service), leading consulting work for both buyers and sellers alike. This includes but is not limited to the formulation of strategies for procurement/sales, negotiations, and finalization of HOA/SPA, price review/arbitration related work, due diligence work for Mergers and Acquisitions, and on-the-job or in-house training. She has worked with numerous International Oil and Gas Companies (IOCs), state-owned gas companies, power companies, and Government Organizations across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

A record of 5 new long-term Sales and Purchase (SPAs) conclusions and 4 price reviews/renegotiations were closed in 2021. The publicly known ones are:

QatarEnergy – Sinopec 

BP – Guangzhou Gas

Qatargas – S&T International

Contract renegotiations and resales for Pertamina

In the past 5 years, FGE has won more than 90% of consulting tenders for LNG procurement for buyers, a testimonial to the trust placed on us through the word-of-mouth endorsement and referrals by our clients that we have completed work for. Our long-term working relationships with other commercial Clients like Taipower and EGAT (Thailand) have been with us for multiple years, proving both sides’ commitment to work toward achieving the companies’ import goals. 

Specialties: LNG, Natural Gas, Pricing, Negotiations, Procurement/Marketing Strategies.

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