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Dr. Darmawan Prasodjo
President Director
PT PLN (Persero)

Darmawan Prasodjo, Ph.D., is a visionary corporate leader, politician, economist and an academic.

As the CEO of PT PLN (Persero), he has played a key role in the transformation process at PLN.

He assumed the position of CEO after serving as Deputy President Director and Commissioner at PT PLN. Under his leadership, PT PLN underwent a remarkable transformation, achieving outstanding financial accomplishments with IDR 13.1 trillion in 2021 and IDR 14.4 trillion in 2022. His strategic expertise and dedication have been instrumental in improving PLN's financial performance and implementing renewable energy initiatives.

Before joining PT PLN, he held the position of Deputy Chief of Staff at the Presidential Staff Office, of the Republic of Indonesia. His responsibilities included monitoring, evaluating, and developing high-priority presidential programs, providing valuable insights on economic, technology, and energy matters to the President.

He is a distinguished economist and has previously served as the chief editor at petronomist.com. He also served as the Chief Economist for Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCA Indonesia).

His academic expertise is evident through his role as the Director of the Indonesia Center for Green Economy at Surya University. He advocates for sustainable economic policies, clean energy solutions, and technology-based approaches to reduce environmental impact in industries. During his research as an research economist at Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions in North Carolina, USA, he designed and developed a world-leading modelling platform for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Economics, specializing in Natural Resource Economics and economic modelling from Texas A&M University, followed by a post-doctoral program at Duke University. Previously, he obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science with honors from Texas A&M University, USA.

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