A Webinar On The NeuroScience of Stress Management

31st July 2024 | Online

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Conference Connection’s Community Outreach Initiative Series

Dealing with stress is now an everyday fact of both our professional and personal lives.

Conference Connection in collaboration with Evolvitude FZE,  is pleased to present a webinar on The NeuroScience of Stress Management on July 31 2024 as part of its community outreach initiative. This online session, the first in our H2 2024 series, is open to all our clients and stakeholders on a complimentary basis.


Is stress good, bad, or worse? Understand stress from a neuroscience angle. that happens between an event and your response to it. An insightful and interesting inside-out story,  about stress, your mind and body.

Learn how to manage stress scientifically, whenever and wherever you want.

Your Takeaways from this Session

  • Examine stress from the perspective of neuroscience
  • Understand what behavioural sciences say about the origins of stress
  • Learn quick stress management techniques using neuroscience-based methods

Your Webinar Leader

Neetu Choudhary

CEO, Evolvitude FZE

Keynote Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, and Idea Presentation Advisor

Neetu stands as a revered luminary in Dubai's professional echelons, commanding unwavering respect and credibility. Her distinguished career, adorned with a Master's in Computer Applications, IT PMO & Governance Expert, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Business Excellence Expertise, resonates within the corridors of industry giants. She has been recognized as UAE’s Top Professional Development Coach.

With a robust foundation cultivated in the crucible of top-tier education and practical experience, Neetu emerges as a beacon of expertise in her field. Her adept navigation of complex organizational landscapes, coupled with her nuanced understanding of cutting-edge methodologies, distinguishes her as a paragon of excellence.

Neetu's consultancy portfolio boasts collaborations with Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations, where her insights and guidance have been instrumental in driving transformative change and fostering sustainable growth. Her prowess in IT governance, business excellence, risk management, PMO, Strategy, KPIs, and project oversight is renowned, positioning her as the go-to authority for companies seeking to achieve peak performance and operational excellence.

Transitioning seamlessly from her esteemed role at DP World Dubai to entrepreneurship, Neetu's decision is emblematic of her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to driving impactful change. Her entrepreneurial ventures serve as a testament to her forward-thinking approach and her relentless pursuit of innovation in the pursuit of organizational excellence.

In the annals of corporate leadership, Neetu's name stands as a testament to the transformative power of expertise, credibility, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her indelible imprint on the industry landscape serves as an enduring testament to her status as a true pioneer and thought leader in her field. Neetu is a certified NLP Practitioner, neuro-semantics expert, and organizational leadership development.

Neetu also runs a leadership course on "Essential Skills for New Managers" available in person or as an in-house training. Contact info@cconnection.org for further details

For further questions and/or information please contact us at info@cconnection.org