Developing LNG to Power Projects - LNG Supplies for Asian Markets 2018

Full-Day Optional Post-Conference Workshop 2

Location: Singapore

Venue: ONE°15 Marina Club

Starts: 02 Mar 2018

Ends: 02 Mar 2018

Type: Course

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In today’s market, many LNG players are looking to develop new markets for LNG. The development of new LNG receiving facilities associated with a new power generation facility is attractive to many developers as a way of developing new demand for LNG, and potentially facilitating the development of further demand as the economy in the market develops.

The approach is not without its challenges, requiring the careful analysis of the market, relevant regulatory regimes, technical solutions and business models. The LNG to power (LNG2P) project itself is the combination of the development of LNG receiving, power generation and probably power transmission projects simultaneously, all of which are interdependent on each other.

This workshop, led by Ben Smith, a lawyer with many years of experience in the LNG sector will take attendees through many of the legal issues associated with the development of LNG2P projects, indicating where some of the issues lie, and what techniques can be used to address them, using examples where possible.

Issues that will be discussed include:

Structuring the project commercially

  • Which project structures work in different circumstances
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Using different partners with different skill sets and different commercial priorities

Due diligence

  • Identifying issues that could be deal killers early
  • What makes a good site?
  • Understanding the regulatory regime that regulates shipping and off-shore facilities
  • Understanding when the facility will be dispatched and what that means for fuel supply
  • Understanding likely competition in the generating market, and how that will change over time

LNG Fuel Supply

  • What features of a “standard” LNG SPA will an LNG2P developer seek to change?
  • What concerns will sellers of LNG to an LNG2P project have, and how can they be addressed?
  • Risk transfer


  • Options for the procurement of an FSRU
  • Issues to consider when chartering FSRUs
  • Maritime regulations that can cause issues

Power Generation

  • What features of a “standard” PPA will an LNG2P developer seek to change?
  • Risk transfer


  • Issues associated with integrating the different elements of the project together
  • Dealing with delays, cost overruns and performance shortfall on individual elements of the transaction
  • EPC/Jetty/mooring issues
  • Risk allocation

Associated uses of regasified LNG

  • Sales to local markets, bunkers, third party access
  • Commingling of multiple users’ LNG
  • Risks, and risk mitigants


  • What are lenders concerned about when looking at LNG2P projects?
  • How should projects be structured to address lenders’ concerns?
  • Challenges when dealing with sovereign/government counterparties
  • What alternatives to non-recourse project financing are available?

Other Business models

  • Small scale LNG
  • Truck delivered LNG
  • “LNG in a box”
  • Power barges and other floating solutions

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