Developing LNG to Power Projects - LNG Supplies for Asian Markets 2017

Full-Day Optional Pre-Conference Workshop 2

Location: Singapore

Venue: One degree 15 Sentosa

Starts: 16 Feb 2017

Ends: 16 Feb 2017

Type: Course

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Keys issues covered

  • Structuring issues: A discussion of different commercial structures and business models and the issues that arise.
  • LNG contracting trends: how are the issues faced in the industry being addressed in the long term contracts?
  • How the financing can be structured and the impact that the financing may have on the SPA terms
  • New buyers and new sellers: how the identity of the seller and buyer influence the SPA terms
  • Detailed analysis of key SPA terms
  • The key differences between Master Agreements for the sale and purchase of spot cargoes and long term agreements
  • Quantities (flexibility, make up, take or pay)
  • Take or pay or liquidated damages; pros and cons of different liability regimes
  • Scheduling
  • Pricing mechanisms, regional preferences, potential future trends
  • Price review clauses and SPA duration
  • Seller’s liability for late/non-delivery
  • Destination restrictions/flexibility, cargo diversions and profit sharing mechanisms
  • Force Majeure
  • Conditions Precedent
  • Enhancement of Buyer’s Creditworthiness
  • Issues to consider if the seller is an aggregator or buyer will source LNG from more than one project or deliver to more than one destination
  • How the terms may be different if the LNG project sources feed gas from a liquid traded gas market (such as North America) rather than under a gas sales agreement from a specified source

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