Post-Conference Workshop: LNG Supply & Pricing - LNG Supplies for Asian Markets 2020

Conducted Over Two Half-Day Sessions on 17-18 December 2020, 3:00pm To 6:30pm, SGT (20 mins Break included)

Location: Virtual

Venue: Virtual

Starts: 03 Nov 2020

Ends: 04 Nov 2020

Type: Course

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A Post-LNGA 2020 Workshop

The workshop reviewed the status of the global LNG business in late-2020. The impact of the lack of FIDs on the balance between supply and demand in the mid-2020s will be considered and the potential need for the output from new liquefaction capacity by 2035 to meet increasing demand and the decline in output from some of the older operating plants over the period to 2035 estimated. Trends in the long-term pricing of LNG will be reviewed and traditional oil-indexed pricing compared with the alternatives, including the cost-based price of US LNG. The price of spot LNG cargoes will be covered and the trends in JKM, TTF and the US Henry Hub price discussed. 

The workshop provided attendees with the opportunity to review the outlook for LNG supply, demand and LNG pricing, in advance of the online conference. 



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This workshop covered:

1.      The LNG Supply Challenge

  • LNG plants in operation and under construction at the beginning of 2020
  • Forecast production 2020 to 2025 from projects in operation and under construction
  • How much supply from new projects will be needed in 2025, 2030 and 2035
  • Proposed projects to meet the potential supply gap from 2025

2.      Floating Liquefaction

  • Why is there so much interest in FLNG?
  • The challenges faced by developers of floating liquefaction
  • FLNG projects in operation, under construction and planned

3. LNG Demand

  • The outlook for demand in existing markets
  • New markets
  • LNG for transport
  • Spot and short-term trading

4. LNG Pricing

  • The evolution of oil-linked pricing in Asia
  • Market-based pricing in Europe and the Americas
  • US LNG export prices
  • Spot prices (JKM, TTF, Henry Hub etc.)

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