Refining Economics: A 2-Day Course - The 11th International Fujairah Bunkering & Fuel Oil Forum

Gain an In-depth Understanding of How Refineries Make Money and What Affects Refining Investment

Location: Fujairah, UAE

Venue: Al Diar Siji Hotel, Fujairah, UAE

Starts: 24 Mar 2019

Ends: 25 Mar 2019

Type: Course

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Key Topics To Be Covered

  • Introduction to Refining
    • Industry review
  • Crude Oil Basics 
    • Bulk crude oil property relationships with refining value
    • Crude oil assays
    • Crude oil blending exercise
    • Crude oil supply/demand trade patterns
  • Petroleum Products
    • Environmental concerns & impact on refinery operations & profitability
    • Product consumption trends & changes to key specifications
  • Crude Oil & Refined Product Pricing
    • Basic petroleum market pricing concepts
    • Transportation/logistics costs
    • Pricing of crude oils in Asia
  • Refinery Configurations & Complexity
    • Refinery configuration types
    • Crude oil distillation fundamentals
    • Conversion & upgrading processes
    • Other processes
  • Fundamentals of Refining Economics
    • Optimization models
    • Financial metrics
    • Working capital requirements

Why You Should Attend

  • Understand how location, configuration and crude oil supply contribute to refining profitability
  • Identify new refinery project opportunities and learn how to maximize their commercial value
  • Discover how to develop new opportunities and reduce their operating, technical, and commercial risks
  • Find out how refinery configurations affect petroleum product prices worldwide
  • Improve your understanding of the role logistics plays in refinery profitability
  • Learn how to interpret published information on the refining industry and refining companies
  • Identify key methods of comparing refinery competitive strengths.
  • Understand the nature of petroleum markets, market cycles, and their global interconnectivity
  • Discover how refineries can be modified to become more profitable
  • Learn why refineries prefer different types of crude oils
  • Find out how trends in petroleum demand force refineries to invest
  • Hear about key issues driving refinery investment in the current market

Who Should Attend


Financial Analysts


Crude Oil Marketers

Petroleum Analysts


Refinery Finance Executives

Technology Suppliers

Project Developers

Commercial Business Analysts

Crude & Products Managers

Products Supply & Distribution Executives

Strategic/Business Development Managers

Financial Institutions/Energy Lenders

Investment Analysts


E&C Firms/Economic Feasibility Analysts

Crude Producers


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