This comprehensive 3-day course will provide a framework of both commercial and technical issues on jet fuel and aviation gasoline, which covers an in-depth assessment of their different grades, engines, basic operations, properties, and specifications. It will also provide an understanding on basic principles and concepts for jet fuel and aviation gasoline manufacturing, transportation, quality assurance, and alternative fuels.

Important aspects of the course will be: instruction on how specifications are used to control the quality of aviation fuels, practical applications of ASTM test methods; interaction of aviation fuels with aircraft engines; as well as how to deal with off-spec jet fuel properties, additives, quality assurance issues and sampling. The course will conclude on the third-day with a visit to a laboratory for attendees to witness how jet fuel and aviation gasoline are prepared and tested.

Course Director

Fred Barnes

Aviation Fuels Consultant
& ASTM Instructor

Fred Barnes is an ASTM International instructor. He has 18 years of experience in teaching aviation fuel specifications and test methods and over 30 years experience in aviation fuels applications. Currently, Fred is the Manager of Aviation Fuels Consulting, LLC, a consulting company in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. He provides consultation on aviation fuel technology including fuel specifications, test methods, quality control, terminal and aviation operations, technical services, training, contracts and problem resolution with supply/distribution quality assurance and testing. He is also an expert witness in various litigation scenarios involving fuel quality, inspection of facilities, operational issues and filtration items.

Previously, he was with Shell in R & D related to fuels and lubricants and later Manager, Aviation Operations with Chevron USA Products Company responsible for aviation fuel product quality, operations, specifications, and technologies. He has been active in ASTM, API, SAE, IATA, ATA, Energy Institute and CRC. Fred holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri.


Key Drivers & Trends to be Covered

Background & Application of Technical Society Responsibility such as ASTM, MOD, IATA, Military, Energy Institute, JIG, etc

Jet Fuel Properties Not Controlled by Specification

Update on ASTM, IATA and JIG Activities

Aviation Fuel Sampling

Aviation Engines & Basic Operations

Aviation Gasoline Grades, Specifications & Properties

Understanding Jet Fuel Specifications & Properties

Highlights of Jet Fuel & Aviation Gasoline Manufacture

Update on ASTMn and DefStan 91-091 Specifications

Alternatives for Jet Fuel

Consumption of Fuel by Airports

Transportation & Quality Assurance

Hydrocarbon Description

Filter Separators & Monitors in the Jet Fuel

Standard Bulk Properties

Latest Trends in Aviation Fuel Filtration

Standard Trace Properties


Who Should Attend

Airline Fuel & Operation Personnel

Additive Organisations / Personnel

Aircraft, Helicopter & Business Jet Operators

Quality Control Managers / Supervisors

Fuel Farms & Fuel Handling Personnel / Operators

Commercial / Purchasing Managers

Laboratory Operators / Inspectors /Managers

Government Agencies

Airport Service Personnel

General Aviation Airfields & FBOs

Into-plane Personnel / Operators

Pipeline Operators

Jet Fuel & Avgas Traders

Refiners of Aviation Fuels

Private Pilots

Avgas Pipeline Operators / Refiners

Military & Defense Fuel Organisations / Personnel

Jet Fuel Traders / Refiners

Aircraft, Engine & Equipment Manufacturers / Suppliers

Jet Fuel Specifications Managers / Supervisors

Jet Engine Test Cells Personnel

Aviation Fuel Engineers

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