2021 BUNKER FUEL BLENDING - A 2 Day Course

Come to the Bunker Blending Course and Learn "Everything You Wanted to Know After IMO2020 Implementation"

Location: Singapore

Venue: Singapore (Check The Map)

Starts: 01 Mar 2021

Ends: 31 Dec 2021

Type: Course

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Over the course of two-days, the program seeks to focus on bunker fuel blending techniques concentrating on the creation and optimization of profitable blend formula. In addition to comprehensive analysis of blend components including pricing and the environmental impact, the program seeks to educate participants through real life case studies and exercises.

In order to get the maximum benefit, participants should bring their own Windows-based laptop with Microsoft Excel (2010 or later) with SOLVER add-in software installed for this course.

Course Director

Course Outline

  • Overview of the Bunker Business – Current and Post 2020
  • Marine Fuels Specifications, Components, and Additives
  • 2020 0.5%S Bunker Blends
  • Blend Components Availability and Pricing
  • 2020 Bunker Blends Compatibility
  • Blending Economics: Pricing Blend Component and Finished
  • Blending Property Calculations and Blending Tools
  • Introduction to Blend Optimization (Cheapest Blend)
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Quantity Measurement
  • 2020 and Scrubbers: How, Costs, ROI Economics
  • 2020 Issues: Compatibility, Stability, Market Prices (LSFO
    vs. HSFO vs. LSMGO), Patents and Infringement Potential
  • In-Line Bunker Blending vs. Tank Blending
  • Conclusion and Wrap-up

Course Experience

How to calculate blend profitability

Dispute resolution using property Lab measurement precision

Estimating blend components prices

Compare ISO8217-2017 specifications with 2005, 2010/12 and new 2020 global S bunker specs

Exploit profitability of calculating non-linear properties

Course Highlights for 2020-Compliant Bunker Fuel Blending

  • Blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers
  • Low Sulfur blend component properties
  • Valuation / pricing of low Sulfur blend components
  • Sourcing of blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers (USE, W Africa, EU/ARA, Singapore)
  • Typical ULSFO recipes
  • Calculation of Price and Profitability of ULSFO recipes
  • New blend compatibility prediction formulas
  • Scrubbers, Yes or No: Calculating Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) ROI
  • Hundreds of references: specs, price bulletins, blend component data base, list of world oil refineries, other blending information sources
  • Laboratory visit to see critical compatibility and viscosity tests


  • 500+ Pages Bunker Blending Book
  • 15+ Blending Programs and Exercises
  • Bunker Blending Optimizer Program (DEMO)
  • Blending Components Data Base
  • Specs for Marine Bunker and Gasoil
  • And more…..

Who Should Attend

Fuel Oil / Products Traders & Operators

Bunker Marketers / Traders

Middle & Senior Managers

Business Development Managers

Trading Managers / Operators

Commercial / Chartering Managers

Supply & Operation Managers

Blend Schedulers / Specialists

Process Enogineers

Laboratory Supervisors

Bunkering Controllers

Cargo Inspector / Surveyors

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