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Bitumen Meet & Greet Rescheduled

The Bitumen Meet & Greet Virtual Forum (M&G) originally scheduled for Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 3pm (SGT) is being re-configured in line with the on-going challenges and changes in the business environment and will be re-scheduled to a date to be determined. Stay tuned for the re-constituted event which will feature innovations in the structure and programme for the Virtual Forum!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Gain Contacts. Win Clients. Elevate Your Brand.

Conference Connection (CC), organiser of the highly successful Global Bitumen Series held in Asia, Middle East and the African Sub-continent and attended by more than 4000 delegates from over 100 countries, representing all major producers, buyers/sellers and distributors of bitumen and asphalt, is pleased to introduce the first virtual speed networking event for the bitumen and asphalt industry.

Specially dedicated MEET & GREET (M&G) Session, which is the signature hallmark of every CC bitumen conference (AsB, MEB, IrB, AfB) has now gone virtual. Akin to “speed dating” for you to exchange name cards in formalized setting, it’s a unique opportunity for all participants to grow your network, make connections and find new partners.

Given today’s COVID-19 world where face-to-face meetings and conferences, as well as in-person engagement for business remain limited, M&G provides a platform to stay engaged and meet new connections, while ensuring the well-being and safety for all stakeholders in the new environment.

Join us for a networking event like nothing we have hosted before.

How does the Meet & Greet Virtual Forum work?

Event Details

Speed networking is designed to accelerate business contacts through facilitated introductions and conversations – at speed. Participants will greet each other in a series of brief exchanges, during a short period of time, and then move onto a new conversation.

It’s simple, speedy, and a lot of fun! No need to drive out, no traffic to deal with, no need to leave your home or office and you can network with amazing people! You’ll have an opportunity to promote your business easily, quickly, and effectively from anywhere! Just tune in from your phone, tablet, or computer for the opportunity to meet people you’ve never met before. Be part of this invaluable networking opportunity while safe at home or at your office.

Meet All the Key Global Bitumen & Asphalt Stakeholders

  • Expand your contacts and grow your business
  • Find out what’s new and connect effectively in less time
  • Exchange ideas and stay connected
  • Find like-minded peers with whom you would like to work with
  • Be part of a unique networking environment with your market peers
  • A safe space to make new connections, when face-to-face networking is not possible

Secure Your Place to Start Networking

Spaces are limited, sign up now to secure your spot. For information on how to register/ reserve a place, contact or

Be a Sponsor

Position your business as a forerunner in the sector

As an M&G sponsor you will be able to facilitate networking with key stakeholders and strategic buyers and gain advantage over your competitors.

M&G Sponsor

  • Increase corporate exposure to key target audience
  • Raise your profile and gain an edge over your competition
  • Increase your reach to potential new clients and customers
  • Showcase industry leadership
  • Showcase your products and services to decision makers
  • Market brand positioning
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Who Should Attend

M&G Virtual Forum is crucial to all key decision makers and senior management in the bitumen/asphalt industry including:

  • Bitumen Refiners
  • Bitumen Buyers/Resellers
  • Bitumen Traders
  • Bitumen/Fuel Oil Traders
  • Bitumen Shippers/Ship brokers
  • Bitumen Terminal Operators
  • Bitumen Polymer/Additive Manufacturers
  • Bitumen Consultants
  • Bitumen Officers
  • Bitumen Sales Executives/Sales Staff
  • Business Development Managers
  • Corporate Planning Managers/Analysts
  • Department of Transportation Officials
  • Export Manager
  • Government Policy Planners
  • Highway Construction Contractors
  • Highway Authorities
  • Municipal Construction Authorities
  • Multilateral Agencies
  • Oil Executives
  • Public Works/Department of Transportation Officials
  • Paving, Design & Materials Manager
  • Roads, Highways & Infrastructure Consultants
  • Asphalt Superintendent
  • Technical Advisors/Managers

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