Ceylon Petroleum Week 2018

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Venue: Colombo (Check The Map)

Starts: 27 Nov 2018

Ends: 29 Nov 2018

Type: Conference

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The CEYLON PETROLEUM WEEK (CPW) series of events to be held from November 27-29 2018 in Colombo will examine the state of the Sri Lankan energy markets and its petroleum value chain, investment prospects for new refineries, exports, expansion in oil storage and the potential for the creation of a South Asian trading and oil storage hub, highlighting Sri Lanka’s strategic position on East West maritime routes and its expansion of infrastructure and key costal ports.

Organised by Conference Connection as part of its series of global flagship events focusing on the oil and gas markets, CPW 2018 will be a key platform for knowledge sharing and market intelligence between regional and global players in oil trading, storage, refining/blending, petroleum products, fuel oil, bitumen, Gas/LNG, bunkering port authorities, major shipping lines, shipowners and barge operators,  financial and legal advisers as well as the supply and services sector.


Organised by:

Two key conferences will be co-Located with Ceylon Petroleum Week Events;

27 – 28 November, 2018

The inaugural Ceylon International Petroleum  and Gas Conference (CIPC ’18),  is intended to bring together leading players in the regional and global oil markets to explore the potential of Sri Lanka  as a strategic player with its potential trade linkages to the greater South Asian and Middle East  energy mix in oil, gas and refined products supply chain and hinterlands.

28 – 29 November, 2018

The inaugural Ceylon Bitumen Conference (CEYBIT 2018), is an addition and a new location for our highly successful Global Bitumen Series which has been held in Asia, Middle East and the African Sub-continent and rotating between different cities in each region, and attended by nearly 3500 delegates from over 60 countries. CEYBIT 2018 will bring together major producers, buyers/sellers and distributors of bitumen and asphalt with a focus on countries with bilateral and multilateral trading ties with South Asian Arc including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Early Confirmed Speakers for Ceylon Petroleum Week Events

Dr. Jeffrey Brown


Dr. Jeff Brown, as President, leads FGE’s oil and gas consulting teams. He is based at our Asian headquarters in Singapore, working closely with FGE consultants in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Jeff re-joined FGE from JP Morgan where he was Executive Director, Global Commodities Research/Strategy, working closely with clients globally. He was a regularly featured speaker at JP Morgan events and published widely on energy markets. Aside from his previous management roles with FGE, Jeff also served as Senior Oil Analyst at the International Energy Agency in Paris, where he was co-author of the monthly Oil Market Report. During this time, he developed the IEA’s short- to mid-term oil demand forecasting framework and led research examining oil/gas interfuel substitution. Before the IEA, he was a Research Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu where his primary emphasis was LNG Markets East of Suez. Jeff has a Ph.D. in Economics.

Dr. Brown is the author of many articles in industry, economic, and policy journals and widely cited as an energy expert, including interviews with The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and appearances on news channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He delivers numerous speeches and conducts specialized briefings around the world each year. He also regularly leads commercial advisory services and projects focusing on downstream oil and LNG.

Mr. Dave Ernsberger

Global Head of Energy Pricing
and Co-Head of Content
S&P Global Platts
London, UK

Mr. Tod D. McGreevy

Vice President
Muse, Stancil & Co.

Prof. Ezio Santagata

Department of Environment
Land and Infrastructure Engineering
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

CPW 2018 Will Focus on Key Market Sectors of the Petroleum Products Value Chain

Who Should Attend

CIPC will be important for global and regional players in:

  • Oil Majors/International Oil Companies
  • Crude and Product Traders and their representatives
  • LNG/LPG  Producers, Buyers and Sellers
  • Bunker/Fuel Oil Traders & Specialists
  • Refiners and Blenders
  • Oil Storage Companies
  • Shipping Lines, Shipowners and Charterers
  • Retail Fuel Operators
  • State Owned Authorities
  • Port Authorities & Maritime Specialists
  • Professional Advisors
  • Supply & Services Companies
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Private Equity & Institutional investors
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Researchers & Consultants
  • Legal & Financial Professionals

CEYBIT will be important for global and regional players in:

  • Bitumen Refiners
  • Bitumen Buyers/Resellers
  • Bitumen/Fuel Oil Traders
  • Bitumen Shippers/Ship brokers
  • Bitumen Terminal Operators
  • Bitumen Polymer/Additive Manufacturers
  • Bitumen Consultants
  • Highway Construction Contractors
  • Roads, Highways & Infrastructure Consultants
  • Corporate Planning Managers/Analysts
  • Business Development Managers
  • Bitumen Sales Executives/Sales Staff
  • Government Policy Planners
  • Highway Authorities
  • Municipal Construction Authorities
  • Public Works/Department of Transportation Officials
  • Oil Executives
  • Technical Advisors/Managers
  • Multilateral Agencies

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Let your brand be seen and associated with the best in the business. Examine the state of the Sri Lankan energy markets and its petroleum value chain, investment prospects for new refineries, exports, expansion in oil storage and the potential for the creation of a South Asian trading and oil storage hub.

With global market outreach via multiple channels on social and digital media, price information services & global event distribution, high quality networking opportunities are present. Showcase your latest products & services at Ceylon Petroleum Week 2018.


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