Gasoline & Diesel Blending: A 3 Day Course

Provides a comprehensive overview and discussion of gasoline and diesel blending techniques, technology and cost/benefits

Location: Dubai, UAE

Venue: Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai, UAE (Check The Map)

Starts: 12 Feb 2018

Ends: 14 Feb 2018

Type: Course

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The Blending Technology & Economics courses, focusing on gasoline, diesel, and bunker fuel were first launched in 2009 and are now held annually in Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rotterdam, Fujairah, and other key refining centres. The courses enjoy strong support from nearly 100 companies which include key refineries, bunker groups, traders, blending specialists, schedulers, analysts, and engineers.

Key supporting bunker and refining companies include Singapore Refining Company, Maritime Port Authority, BP Singapore, PTT Public Company, Petronas, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Shell, Saudi Aramco, SATORP, TOTAL Oil Asia Pacific, and Chevron.

Intertek, DNV, Inspectorate and Saybolt have hosted laboratory visits for attendees of the popular 3-day gasoline and 2-day bunker courses.

Participating countries for the series since its inception include: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Timor-Leste, Egypt, Estonia, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Sudan, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, Netherlands, UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Mexico, Curacao and USA.

This three-day course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and discussion of gasoline and diesel blending techniques, technology and cost/benefits. It addresses contemporary issues such as the latest specifications, ultra low sulfur fuels, impact of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel blending, and environmental impact of various gasoline and diesel specifications. Case studies are used to illustrate the relative importance of each aspect of the fuels blending operation, together with specific exercises. This program allows participants to interact closely with both the speaker and others in attendance to exchange ideas on blending techniques. Attendees will receive a 500+ page coursebook and free take-home blending software that will be used for hands-on class exercises.

The Gasoline & Diesel courses returns to Dubai from February 12-14 2018. Past participating companies from the Gulf/Middle East include Aramco Trading, Akron, BAPCO, Fairdeal, Golden Atlas, Innova Refining, Inspectorate, Jordan Petroleum Refinery, KISR, Mitsubishi Corp, Qaiwan Global Energy Ltd, SGS Gulf, SABIC, Qaiwan Global Energy, SOCAR Trading Middle East, Star Energy Oil Tanking, Tupras.

Course Director

Who Should Attend

Middle and Senior Management: VP, General Manager, Assistant Manager, Superintendent, Executive, Manager

Engineers: Blending, Planning, Process, Facilities Planning, Analyzer, Auto Industry Fuels, Chemist

Terminal Supply and Trading: Products, Blendstocks, Renewables, Fuels, Bunker/Marine

Refineries: Planners/Supply Planner, Operators, Supervisors, Chemists, Lab Manager/Personnel and Research

Biofuels: Producers, Blenders

Gas: LPG Depot Coordinator, GTL Product Marketing Manager

Analysts: Financial, Business, Commercial, Oil Market, Trading,Project

Marketing: Sales Area Manager, Sales Representative

State and Regional Environmental Protection AgenciesPolicy Makers and Legislators involved in Energy and Environmental Sectors

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Gasoline Blending
  • Gasoline Specifications, Components & Additives Typical
  • Blending Equipment
  • Hands-on Demos Using Gasoline Blending Tools
  • Blend Non-Linear Property Calculations
  • Blending Economics Calculations
  • Blend Control and Optimization
  • Lab and On-line Tests
  • Precision, Dispute, Resolution, and Setting Blend Targets
  • Clean Fuels and Environmental Issues
  • In-Line Blend Release & Certification
  • Ethanol Blending
  • Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel
  • Calculating Benefits of Blending Automation
  • Q&A Session

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn about world-wide fuel specs, and future trend expectations
  • Calculate profitability of blends, how to maximize margins, and cheapest way to correct “off-spec” tanks
  • Determine the “blendability” of a component for “buy/sell” decisions; e.g. can you use the opportunistic cargo of naphtha to make a desired quantity of UL95 using also the other blend components you have on hand?
  • Learn about tank batch blend, in-line blending, and in-line blend certification
  • Practice using Non-Linear Property Calculations and blend optimizers to maximize profits
  • Review ISO/ASTM Lab and on-line test methods for determining fuels and blend components properties, setting blending targets, and dispute resolution
  • Learn about On-line Analyzers for octanes, RVP,distillation Sulfur, multi-property (NIR, MRA,Raman), etc. and their performance
  • Measure fuels blending/loading accurately with various flowmeter technologies, and application to in-line blend certification


  • Ethanol blending methods and calculation of nonlinear properties, e.g.octane and RVP boost and distillation depression
  • Bio-Diesel types and blending methods
  • Use of models like the EPA Complex Model to determine fuel environmental compliance
  • Tips on most efficient way to homogenize tanks, “fixing” off-spec tanks, and making “room” in Tanks

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