Gasoline & Diesel Blending: A 3 Day Course

Provides a comprehensive overview and discussion of gasoline and diesel blending techniques, technology and cost/benefits

Location: Singapore

Venue: Marina Mandarin, Singapore (Check The Map)

Starts: 15 Nov 2017

Ends: 17 Nov 2017

Type: Course

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Over the course of three-days, the program seeks to focus on gasoline and diesel
blending techniques concentrating on the creation and optimization of profitable blend formula. In addition to comprehensive analysis of blend components including pricing and the environmental impact, the program seeks to educate participants through real life case studies and exercises.

Course Director

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Gasoline Blending
  • Gasoline Specifications, Components & Typical Additives
  • Examples of Blending Equipment
  • Hands-on Demos Using Gasoline Blending Tools (during all 3 days)
  • Blend Non-Linear Property Calculations
  • Improved Blending Economics Through Optimum Recipe Calculations
  • Lab and On-line Tests
  • Precision, Dispute, Resolution, and Setting Blend Targets
  • Clean Fuels and Environmental Issues
  • In-Line Blend Release & Certification
  • Ethanol Blending
  • Q&A Session (multiple)
  • Diesel Specifications, Components, Additives
  • Hands-on Demos of Diesel Blending Tools
  • Calculating Diesel Non-Linear/Linear Properties
  • Diesel Lab and On-line Tests
  • Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel
  • Calculating Benefits of Blending Automation
  • Q&A Session
  • Wrap-up

Who Should Attend

Gasoline Traders / Blenders

Fuel Oil / Distillates Traders

Middle & Senior Managers

Business Development Managers

Marketing & Products Trading Managers

Planning / Operational Engineers

Fuel / Project Engineers

Blend Schedulers

Marine Managers

Laboratory Supervisors

Business Analysts

Sales Representatives

Cargo Inspectors / Surveyors

Course Outline

  • Review specs around the world: APA (Singapore, Dubai, Saudi), EU, USA, Latin America, etc.
  • Determine what blend components you should buy and use for specific grades
  • Assess pricing of each component relative to market and future trends
  • Evaluation of blend components for best profits
  • Optimize blend recipe formula for maximum profitability
  • Ethanol blending and impact on properties
  • BioDiesel (FAME) and Renewable Diesel Properties and Blending
  • Measuring environmental compliance
  • Hundreds of references: specs, price bulletins, blend component data base, list of world oil refineries, other blending information sources
  • Course includes on-site laboratory visits

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