Hydrogen Masterclass

Full-Day Optional Pre-LNGA Conference Workshop

Location: Singapore

Venue: ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, 11 Cove Drive, #01-01 Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497 (Check The Map)

Starts: 13 Feb 2023

Ends: 13 Feb 2023

Type: Workshop, Conference & Exhibition

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About the Course

The rapid emergence of hydrogen as a low-emissions fuel source offers an alternative pathway to achieving net-zero carbon. With its distinctive properties as an energy carrier, we believe hydrogen will be key to decarbonization across broad sectors of the economy, particularly transportation, heavy industry, and manufacturing (the “hard-to-abate” sectors).

However, the commercialization of hydrogen does have challenges: with two major questions – how to produce it, and which sectors to deploy it. While hydrogen’s unique properties as an energy carrier is much touted, the gas is highly flammable and volatile. It also has a lower density than gasoline and must be stored in cooler temperatures to maintain its liquid form and effectiveness as a fuel source. The liquefaction and transportation of hydrogen under high pressure also requires significant and expensive storage infrastructure.

Attendees at this Hydrogen Masterclass will benefit from our hands-on experience in the global energy & resources sector to obtain insightful and practical information on the emerging hydrogen economy.

A useful opportunity to help you in understanding – and acting on – these exciting developments in the industry.

This is a Pre-Conference Workshop for 17th LNG Supplies for Asian Markets 2023. 

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Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate will be applicable and invoiced to all Singapore registered companies for this event. 

Course Director

What Will You Learn

  1. Overview – A description of what is hydrogen, why it is
    important, and how to separate political and media “hype”
    from reality
  2. How do we produce hydrogen? – The current practices and
    future potential methods
  3. How is hydrogen stored and transported? – Hydrogen is
    not easy to handle and move around, so this section will
    ensure that you know all the options, with the technical and
    commercial merits of each.
  1. Where is the market for hydrogen – What is real, and what
    is fantasy? – You will learn about the current users, and
    those in the future, including the transport, electricity, and
    manufacturing industries.
  2. Special Cases – As each country and region has different
    drivers and needs, it is necessary to review the role of
    hydrogen, especially in areas where lack of an existing
    grid, and energy security are important. We will also review
    the potential for “green” steel, refueling infrastructure for
    trucks and cars, commercial deal terms, and hydrogen
    investment opportunities.

Course Outline

  • Properties of Hydrogen
  • Difference between H2 and Natural Gas
  • Today’s Industrial Utilization
  • Hydrogen and Emissions
  • Safety, Risks, and Hazards
  • Hydrogen Investment Opportunities and Risks
  • Different Colours of Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen from Fossil Fuels: Methane Reforming and Coal Gasification
  • Hydrogen from Electricity: Electrolysis
  • Methods of Transporting and Storing Hydrogen
  • Storage
    • Liquefied Storage
    • Compressed Storage
  • Transmission Transport System
    • Distribution Pipelines
    • Shipping Hydrogen
    • Shipping as Ammonia
  • Industrial Applications
    • Ammonia (Fertilisers)
    • Refineries
    • “Green” Steel
    • Mining
    • Methanol
  • Energy Applications
    • Fuel Cell
    • Stationary Energy Applications
      • Electricity Generation
      • Combined Heat and Power
  • Mobility Applications
    • Aviation
    • Maritime
    • Industrial Vehicles (Forklifts/Tow Trucks)
    • Commercial Passenger Uses
    • Long Distance Trucks
    • Passenger Vehicles

Who Should Attend

This Hydrogen Course has been designed with two distinct groups in mind:

  • Those of you already in the energy industry are seeing significant changes almost daily. The Hydrogen Masterclass will provide
    the new information, new insights, and new skills you need to manage the new demands that are placed on you as you play
    your part in the Energy Transition
  • Those of you preparing yourself for an energy career need to understand the toolbox needed for today’s energy transition era.
    The Hydrogen Masterclass Program will give you a competitive advantage as you enter the energy marketplace

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