Pre Conference Workshop: Asphalt Mixture Design Methods in the Middle East

Asphalt Mixture Design Methods in the Middle East – Marshall to Superpave and Influence of Modified Bitumen

Location: Dubai, UAE

Venue: Grand Hyatt Dubai (Check The Map)



Type: Course

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In many road and airport projects in the Middle East, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) is being specified by consultant.  Although PMBs are not new in the paving world, Suppliers and Contractors in the region are being challenged in producing these specialty bitumen, designing asphalt mixtures, and constructing pavements with PMBs.  This workshop will show you what are the most common methods of design of mixtures and compare the use of the Marshall design with the newly applied Superpave Mixture Design.  It will also cover the main types of polymers and other additives used in modifying bitumen, and the key considerations for selecting them; what producers of PMBs and contractors using mixtures with PMB are worried about; and how to blend materials to achieve the required PMB Grades.   The workshop will also explain how certain Bitumen modifications are changing Bitumen Content and affecting performance properties of mixtures.

mpgcweek2017_logo     Held during the Middle East Petroleum & Gas                            Week, 29 April – 4 May 2017

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  • Mixture Design Methods: Marshall & Superpave Background
  • Bitumen Grades and role of Modified binders
  • Aggregate Blends and effect of Packing Structure
  • Mixture Performance Testing & Role of Bitumen Grades
  • Production & Construction of Asphalt Mixtures with Modified Bitumen

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