MPGC Week 2020 Events

Location: Kingdom of Bahrain

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay (Check The Map)

Starts: 29 Mar 2020

Ends: 02 Apr 2020

Type: Conference

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MPGC Week 2020 will bring together other optional events, with the 28th Annual MPGC as the anchor for the week, executive briefings on crude oil and LNG, as well as technical workshops on refining economics and international oil trading, all running back to back in one location in one week for optimal learning and networking opportunities. More than 650 participants from 35 countries are expected to attend MPGC Week 2020. All events are organised by Conference Connection and co-hosted by Bapco, NOGA, and nogaholding in association with key industry players.

Events on March 30 and April 1-2 during MPGC Week 2020, will run concurrently, with the joint networking breaks, lunches and MPGC 2020 Gala dinner on March 30 and combined breaks and lunches on April 1 and 2, providing a wider and more vibrant catchment of networking contacts and extended networking options.

MPGC Week 2020 Events

+ The 27th Annual Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing (MPI)


The 27th Annual Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing (MPI)

March 29 – 30 2020

Two-Day Executive Briefing on the Upstream and Downstream Oil Markets, led by Dr.Fereidun Fesharaki & FGE consultants

The Annual Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing (MPI), presented by FGE will provide a unique, authoritative, and up-to-date perspective on the regional and global implications of the new low oil price world for the oil-exporting countries in the Middle East. The significant slowdown in economic growth in the region, which is contributing to the recent stagnation in global demand growth. FGE will assess how this slowdown is impacting regional demand in the longer term, investment plans for new local refineries, and the JV investment trends abroad. How will the Middle East’s crude and product export markets fare in this environment? How do fast-rising non-OPEC crude supplies and NGLs paint the supply outlook for ME producers? What is the expected outlook on Chinese products exports? What is the impact of IMO 2020 and will there be further fallout?

MPI 2020 will examine these trends and the following:

  • Key issues confronting the global oil and gas markets
  • Middle East refining landscape, crude and products trade
  • Deep dive on Asia: major changes and challenges ahead
  • West of Suez refining &products trade: Implications for the Middle East
  • The outlook for LPG and condensate
  • US tight oil, IMO 2020, electric vehicles, environmental concerns, and refining-petchem projects driving the oil market

FGE senior management and consultants will lead the discussion on the upstream and downstream sectors. FGE will detail the regional perspectives on production, oil demand, refining capacity and utilization, and what are the implications for the Middle East in a rapidly changing landscape of international products trade.

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+ ANCHOR EVENT: 28th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC)


The 28th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference returns to the Kingdom of Bahrain  on March 30-31 2020, as part of MPGC Week 2020 events from March 29-April 2.  MPGC 2020 is co-hosted by The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), the National Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA) and nogaholding.

MPGC 2020 will provide the latest insights into the continuing uncertainty faced by the global oil markets, in the relationship between OPEC, US oil production and geopolitical landscape in the Middle East.   Refining margins and efficiency metrics, quality and pricing of HSFO, VLSFO and MGO, as well as the transformation of the oil Middle East LNG and oil markets, post IMO 2020, data transparency and digitalisation will underscore discussion at MPGC 2020.

MPGC 2020 will take a deep dive into the key challenges facing the oil and gas markets in their path to overcome the volatility and move towards stability and sustainability.

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+ International Oil Trading Course (IOT)

International Oil Trading (IOT)

April 1 – 2 2020

Two-Day Course on the Principles of Oil Trading, led By Mr Daniel Carr, Independent Consultants, UK

This 2-day workshop will guide delegates in the principles of oil trading with practical aspects, particularly the very large international middle distillate market, and the concept of managing new price risks using futures and swaps. Working in small groups on frequent case studies, delegates will develop an understanding of trading practices and risk, learning how to deal from beginning to end, from negotiation to writing a contract, calculate shipping and other costs and determine the risks and how to manage them. Real oil market prices and live market conditions will be used in case studies. The workshop is designed for the buyers of shipping fuels, those new to the shipping industry and those in the middle and back office operation functions. The refiners or sellers of fuels to the shipping market need to understand the major changes that their customers are facing.

Detailed Assessment of International Oil Trading:

  • Background and introduction to oil trading – highlighting the differences between fuel oil and marine diesel
  • International price reporting
  • Mechanics of trading – including freight, chartering and legal contracts
  • Price exposure – how to identify it, the difference between supply and price exposure
  • Oil futures & swaps – the differences
  • Hedging – how to manage the price risks identified using futures and swaps
  • Clearing function and regulation
  • Case studies & exercise

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+ Outlook for Gasoline Trading East of Suez - A Dialogue with Traders, Refiners & Analysts

Outlook for Gasoline Trading East of Suez – A Dialogue with Traders, Refiners & Analysts

April 1-2 2020

Two-Day Dialogue Sessions to understand the Gasoline Trading amongst Traders, Refiners & Analysts, including a half-day refinery visit hosted by BAPCO.

Specially convened for Traders, Refiners and Analysts attending the 28th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC 2020),  this new 1.5 Day programme will be held back to back with MPGC 2020 and address the emerging markets for Gasoline Trading in the Gulf and examine both commercial and technical dynamics of this important product.
  • April 1: Dialogue Sessions
  • April 2: Half-Day Refinery Visit Hosted by BAPCO

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+ The 14th Annual Middle East Gas Insiders Briefing (MGI)

The 14th Annual Middle East Gas Insiders Briefing (MGI)

April 1 – 2 2020

Two-Day Executive Briefing on Gas/LNG, led by Dr.Fereidun Fesharaki & FGE consultants

The Annual Middle East Gas Insiders Briefing (MGI), presented by FGE will provide unique and successful strategies for C-Level Executives from NOCs, IOCs, and global gas players in the LNG and natural gas business. MGI will share the latest insights on key developments in the global natural gas and LNG business with an in-depth review of the Asia and Middle East markets.

Participants with a background of business development, corporate strategies, investment, market analysis, gas/LNG marketing and sales will benefit from this briefing. It will highlight the strategies for both LNG buyers and sellers to re-position and re-align their businesses models against a backdrop of the latest market trends.

MGI 2020 will examine these trends and the following:

  • Global LNG market: record amount of FIDs in 2019; from surplus to deficit to surplus?
  • Regional and intra-regional gas/LNG trades
  • MENA gas market outlook: Feast or famine?
  • Outlook for Asian LNG markets and new demand
  • LNG shipping, floating regasification and liquefaction
  • Prospects for LNG short term trading

Leading consultants and FGE senior management will present the latest thinking on the outlook for LNG/Gas markets with an emphasis on regional and intra-regional trades

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+ Refining Economics Course (RE)

Refining Economics (RE)

April 1 – 2 2020

Two-Day Course on the Fundamentals of Refining Economics, led by Mr. Tod D. McGreevy, Vice President of Muse, Stancil & Co.

This intensive 2-day interactive course is designed to teach fundamentals of refining economics to non-refiners or to those newly introduced to refining. A technical background is not necessary to understand course materials and the course should be useful to financing or marketing individuals who have some involvement with refining or petroleum products. Similarly, a marketing background is not critical and the course may be helpful to refinery engineers who would like to understand how commercial and economic factors drive operating and investment decisions that affect their refineries.

Detailed Assessment of the Refining Economics

  • Introduction to Refining – the industry review
  • Bulk crude oil property relationships with refining value
  • Crude oil assays, blending exercise, and supply/demand trade patterns
  • Environmental concerns & impact on refinery operations & profitability
  • Product consumption trends & changes to key specifications
  • Crude oil and refined product pricing & transportation/logistics costs
  • Basic petroleum market pricing concepts
  • Refinery configuration types, conversion, and upgrading processes
  • Crude oil distillation fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of refining economics – optimization models, financial metrics & working capital requirements

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