Pacific Gas Insiders - A 2-Day Executive Briefing by FGE

An industry-leading annual two-day forum for gas executives to assess options for building successful strategies for investment...

Location: Singapore

Venue: To be confirmed (Check The Map)

Starts: 05 Dec 2019

Ends: 06 Dec 2019

Type: Course

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PGI 2019 will provide the opportunity to discuss key topics surrounding the ever changing gas and LNG business. Major developments in new and existing markets for natural gas in Asia will be covered. The impact of new LNG supplies from both the US and Australia on trade flows will be discussed. Recent trends in LNG pricing and contract terms will be reviewed. All this will be in the context of the global market as LNG transitions from a regional to a global business.

Key Issues Covered

  • Setting the Scene—Oil & Gas/LNG Markets
  • LNG in 2018—Supply Surges, Demand Up in Asia
  • Emerging New Norms Amidst Shifting Market Dynamics
  • China’s Gas Market and LNG Imports
  • New Asian LNG Markets
  • India’s Gas Market Outlook
  • LNG Short-Term Trading
  • LNG Shipping and Floating Regasification & Liquefaction

Briefing Leaders/Speakers

Why You Should Attend

  • Gain a clear understanding of the complexities that exist within the East of Suez oil and gas markets.
  • Identify key drivers shaping future developments—where are the sensitivities and uncertainties?
  • Understand how the trading relationship between Asia and the Middle East is changing.
  • Recognize the key role played by the East of Suez region in shaping the oil market.
  • Engage with FGE’s team of regional experts.
  • Network with executives from leading international companies.

An Executive Briefing for those involved in

Corporate/Strategic Planning and Government Relations

New Ventures/Markets, Commercial, and Business Development

Research, Economics, and Market Analysis

Projects, Operations, and Resources

Crude, Feedstocks, Fuel, and Petrochemicals

Negotiations and Investments

Trading, Shipping, and Chartering

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