Procurement Process for Storage Tank Equipment (PPS)

Location: Singapore

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Starts: 20 Apr 2023

Ends: 20 Apr 2023

Type: Workshop, Conference & Exhibition

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This one-day workshop will consider the procurement process of storage tank equipment from the buyer as well as the seller perspectives, and consider issues that are relevant to both of them. It will provide detailed information for the procurement of primarily:-

  • Aluminium dome roofs (internal)
  • Primary floating roof
  • Rim Gap Seal System /Secondary seals

It will also provide an essential guide and methodology for the preparation of:–

  • Enquiry documents
  • Quotation
  • Evaluation of Quotations
  • Purchase Order

The workshop will outline technical and commercial terms and conditions by document and the pitfalls to look out for in their preparation.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate will be applicable and invoiced to all Singapore registered companies for this event. 

Who Should Attend

This One Day Workshop will be of particular interest to Procurement and Contract Engineers who aim to prepare commercially competent Purchase Orders by enabling them to prepare a comprehensive Enquiry Document together with the Commercial and Technical Evaluation of Quotations received.

Workshop Outline

+ Module 1: Preparation of Enquiry Document by Buyer – Commercial Considerations

This Module aims to ensure that an Enquiry Document prepared by the Buyer includes all the relevant technical and commercial issues essential for preparation of a comprehensive quotation to be submitted by a competent storage tank equipment Supplier. Not only does the workshop provide details of the information that should be included, it also explains why this information is necessary.

Commercial Issues – The following will be discussed in the context that they are relevant for all the items of storage tank equipment included in the workshop:-

  • Validation of quotation
  • Prices – firm, fixed, currency, duration etc
  • Payment terms
  • Basis of quotation
  • Order of precedence of documents
  • Cancellation of purchase order
  • Warranty
  • Certification
  • Delivery
  • Incoterms
  • Letter of credit
  • Limit of Liability
  • Installation of goods
  • Evaluation of quotation
  • Preparation of purchase order


  • Providing basic information on the size of the tank, geographical location and specification of the stored product where the competent tank equipment suppliers are being requested to submit a quotation for an aluminium dome roof, internal floating roof and tank seal systems
  • Inviting the supplier to submit technical details of the product they can offer, suitable for the intended purpose
  • Technical information to be provided by the Buyer and included in the Enquiry to assist the Supplier to prepare a competent offer


A Draft Template of standard terms and conditions for quotation of goods document used by Supplier of storage tank, shall be made available to all participants

+ Module 2: Aluminium Dome Roof – Technical Considerations

  • Types of support – sliding or fixed
  • Appurtenances necessary – walkways and platforms etc
  • Method of installation

+ Module 3: Internal Floating Roof – Technical Considerations

  • Frequency tank filled and discharged
  • Access to tank internally

+ Module 4: Rim Gap Systems – Technical Considerations

  • Age of tank
  • Condition of tank within dimensional tolerances of API 650
  • Frequency tank filled and discharged

+ Module 5: Evaluation of Technical & Commercial Offers by the Buyer

  • Evaluation of technical aspects of any quotation to ensure compliance with enquiry
  • Supplier should be informed of any deficiencies found and invited to submit a revised quotation
  • Commercial evaluation to begin only when all technical issues have been accepted
  • Supplier to submit quotation strictly in accordance with the enquiry requirements
  • Buyer to welcome alternatives and options for evaluation
  • Various alternatives and options worthy of consideration by the buyer

+ Module 6: Preparation of Purchase Order by the Buyer

  • Purchase orders to be prepared by the Buyer to include the Buyer’s commercial terms and conditions
  • Template of standard terms and conditions for purchase of goods that can be used by the Buyer, will be made available to all workshop participants

+ Review, Q&A and End of Workshop

Workshop Facilitator

Why You Should Attend

  • Identify essential technical and commercial issues to be considered in the Procurement Process for the following Storage Tank Equipment:- Aluminum Dome Roof – Internal Floating Roof – Primary & Secondary Seals storage Tank Equipment
  • Learn how to prepare an effective :-
    • Enquiry Document
    • Quotation including Evaluation of Quotation
    • Purchase Order
  • Examine the guiding principles and documentation for effective procurement of storage tank equipment


Attendees will obtain maximum benefit if they also attend the Two-Day Workshop on Storage Tank Operation, Maintenance & Safety

This two-day workshop will provide a basic understanding of storage tanks, how they are operated, managed and maintained, and explain the concept of vapour emissions and how to measure and control them on existing and new-build tanks, in order to ensure a safe and environmentally acceptable storage tank facility.

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