Conference Connection's Series of Virtual Training Programmes

Conference Connection is pleased to bring you a series of key courses and virtual training programmes commencing July/August 2020 to support social distancing, well being and health for all. Check out our new and existing titles below for details on these training programmes or contact us at info@cconnection for any further queries.

Virtual Training Programmes

+ Surviving the Oil Markets (SOM) Course

15 – 17 July 2020

Led by Mr. John Driscoll, Chief Strategist, JTD Energy Services Pte Ltd, and Ms. Vandana Hari, Founder, Vanda Insights

This intensive and unique virtual three-day course, is offered with brand new content, adding in effective, battle-tested strategies on how to collect, manage and act on information in the decision making process as well as how to respond to the pandemic.

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+ Managing & Mitigating Risks for VLSFO & ULSMGO Supply & Usage (MMLSF) Course

18 – 19 August 2020

Led by Mr. William Tan, Vice President, Miyabi Industries

This virtual training course focuses on managing VLSFO and ULSMGO, examining problems that vessels have encountered since late 2019 to-date, offering lessons to be learnt and the most practical mitigating measures for potential risks.

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+ Middle East-Asia Oil Trade & Pricing (ME Pricing) Course

25 August 2020

Led by Mr. Tilak Doshi, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore

This 1-day course is focused on oil trade between the Middle East and Asia.  It will cover not only how Middle East national oil companies set their official prices for Asian markets but also in how to value different crude oil types by using refinery models. The course will help attendees understand how Asian crude oil markets work, including the role of quality, timing and location in determining crude oil competitive value.

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