Fuel Blending Courses

Bunker Blending, Singapore, 11-12 May Dubai 23-24 October 2023
Gasoline & Diesel Blending, Singapore 15-17 May Dubai 17-19 October 2023

 Conference Connection has been holding the Gasoline/Diesel and Bunker Blending Courses since 2008 with Ara Barsamian of Refining Automation Institute.

Bringing back the popular and in-demand #gasolineblending and #bunkerblendingcourses led by #AraBarsamian of the #Refining Automation Institute and first launched by #Conference Connection in Asia and the Middle East in 2009 and held annually since then in Singapore and Dubai, rotating in other locations like Bahrain, Kuwait, Fujairah & Rotterdam. Being offered with online and on-demand and in person options, physical courses will take place in Q2 2023:

  • · Two-day Bunker Blending on 11-12 May in Singapore and October 23-24 in Dubai UAE with thirteen (13) hours of instruction
  • · Three-day Gasoline Blending class on 15-17 May in Singapore 17-19 October in Dubai and 17-19 November in Singapore with twenty (20) hours of instruction.

Relevant for traders/blenders, blend schedulers, operations managers, process engineers, surveyors and designed for a maximum group of size 30, the courses are now available in three formats: online, in person or in company and provide state of the art instruction on blending economics, marine fuel specifications, blend component production models, bunker blend compatibility and blending tools and blend optimization case studies, exercises including Lab Visit and Lab Test methods.

3 Ways to Maximise Fees & Discounts 

    1. Register for both courses and get the “max-flex” discount saving of $US$400 per person. Nominate different colleagues to attend BFB and GDB and get this discount.
    2. Register two or more for the same course and save US$200 per person on team fee
    3. Singaporeans attending BFB benefit from Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) subsidy of 50%

    View course outlines at www.cconnection.org or email fuelblending@ccacademy.co to download past participants list or to register.