Marine Biofuels Supply Chain Dynamics Course

Market trends and innovations for shipping and marine fuels

Now To Be Held In Dubai, UAE from 16-17 October 2024

Also to be held in Singapore, August 20-21 2024

Critical Trends Shaping the Marine Biofuel Landscape


#ConferenceConnection launches a new course on #MarineBiofuels Supply Chain Dynamics, in 2 venues, Singapore & Dubai, led by #WilliamTan, SVP of #MiyabiIndustries, designed to navigate the evolving landscape of marine biofuels. As the shipping industry makes significant strides toward sustainability, this course will guide you through the intricacies of the marine biofuels supply chain and prepare you to understand the market dynamics to implement marine biofuels effectively in your energy mix. 

Exploring critical facets, the course will cover:-

  • The growing importance of marine biofuels
  • Definition and types of marine biofuels
  • Complexities of feedstock acquisition, production, and refining processes
  • Logistics, infrastructure, and regulatory framework essential for a robust biofuels supply chain 
  • Market trends, economic considerations, and the environmental impact of biofuels
  • Real-world case studies on biofuel supply chain logistics
  • Future challenges and innovations for marine biofuels

The course caters to a diverse audience interested in leveraging marine biofuels as a sustainable solution including:-

  • Bunker/marine fuel buyers, sellers, procurement executives
  • Bunker brokers & traders, managers, analysts, suppliers
  • Shipowners, operators, charterers & agents looking to explore biofuels as a fuel option
  • Commercial directors
  • Port authorities
  • Marine biofuel producers
  • Supply chain managers and logistics specialists
  • Strategic decision makers seeking market trends, economic considerations, and regulatory developments in marine biofuels

Course Director

Mr William Tan
Senior Vice-President
Miyabi Industries Pte Ltd

2 Ways to Maximise Fees & Discounts

1.     Register by 9 July for Singapore or 4 September for Dubai and save US$200 with the Early Bird Fee

2.     Register 2 or more persons and save US$200 per person with the Team Fee

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The Marine Biofuels course is held concurrently with 2 comprehensive courses on Tank Storage:-

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2.     LNG Storage Tanks: Design, Construction & Operation, 17 October 2024, Dubai, UAE

These courses focus on the operation, management, and safety of hydrocarbon and LNG storage tanks. The 2-day STO course covers tank maintenance and vapor emission control to meet standards, while the 1-day LNGSTO course delves into the design and safety of cryogenic storage tanks, aligned with industry standards like API 625, API 650, and API 620. Both aim to ensure participants can maintain safe, efficient, and compliant tank facilities.

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