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For more than a decade, Conference Connection has organized the 3-day Gasoline and Diesel Blending Course that has been successfully held in various global locations including: Singapore, Rotterdam, Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Kuwait, with attendance by traders, refiners, analysts, schedulers, and operations personnel. 

Over the course of three-days, the program seeks to focus on gasoline and diesel blending techniques concentrating on the creation and optimization of profitable blend formula. In addition to comprehensive analysis of blend components including pricing and the environmental impact, the program seeks to educate participants through real life case studies and exercises. Take home after the course:

  • 800+ Pages Gasoline and Diesel Blending Handbook
  • 35+ Blending Programs and Exercises
  • Gasoline and Diesel Blending Optimizer Program (DEMO)
  • Blending Components Data Base
  • Gasoline and Diesel Specifications Catalogues
  • And more….

Course Director

Mr. Ara Barsamian

President & CEO
Refinery Automation LLC, USA

Ara Barsamian is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Refinery Automation Institute, LLC (RAIL). A fuels blending automation consulting firm, Refinery Automation Institute specializes in the profitable growth, development, and implementation of blending operations and technology.

Previously, he served as a group head of Exxon Research and Engineering Company where he designed, implemented, started up, and commissioned over 20 blending and oil movement systems across the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.

In 1985, he formed 3X Corporation, which was later acquired by ABB, building on his 40+ years of experience in over 60 blending automation and optimization projects.

Ara is a fellow of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, life-time member of International Society for Automation, member of ASTM working group on using spectrometers for certifying in-line gasoline blends, and a member of IBIA’s Future Fuels working group.

He graduated from the City University of New York with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Course Highlights

  • Review specs around the world: APA (Singapore, Dubai, Saudi), EU, USA, Latin America, etc.
  • Determine what blend components you should buy and use for specific grades
  • Assess pricing of each component relative to market and future trends
  • Evaluation of blend components for best profits
  • Optimize blend recipe formula for maximum profitability
  • Ethanol blending and impact on properties
  • BioDiesel (FAME) and Renewable Diesel Properties and Blending
  • Biofuels vs. Fossil GHG Reduction
  • Hundreds of references: specs, price bulletins, blend component data base, list of world oil refineries, other blending information sources

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Online Version available Now.

The Gasoline & Diesel course is now available as a separate multi-module, fully online version, which you can take over a period of 20 days, at your convenience.

High quality videos and content, Ten (10) gasoline and eight (8) diesel modules with each module having one or more videos for theory and exercises, Real-life and hands-on Exercises, Electronic version of the course book (PDF) with over 800 pages, Demo of Diesel GHG Blender, Short quiz to test what you have learned during the course

Who Should Attend


Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Middle Distillates

Business Managers

Marketing, Marine, Products Trading


Operational Engineers, Project Engineers


Cargo Inspectors, Blend Schedulers


Business, Fuel, Project


Supervisors, Blenders

Programme at a Glance

Day 1
  • Introduction to Gasoline Blending 
  • Blend components & properties 
  • Blending Economics – Pricing Blend Component & Finished Product 
  • Blending Property Calculations 
  • Introduction to Blend Optimization
  • Blending Optimizer Exercises (to make US & Exports, Gasolines as well as determine Blend Economics) 
  • Gasoline & Diesel Lab Test Methods & Precision of Measurement  
  • Dispute Resolution & Blend Targets Setting Using Lab Precision Measurement 
  • EnviroSpecs, RFS, Compliance Using EPA Complex Model 
  • Ethanol Blending & Non-Linear Property Prediction Calculations 
  • Specific Gasoline Blending Profit Improvements
  • Lab Vist
  • Diesel Specifications & Grades 
  • Pricing Blend Component & Finished Products Using Platts Method
  • Diesel Blend Property Calculation
  • Diesel Blending Optimizer Usage, Examples & Exercises (to make US, EU & Mexican Diesels) 
  • Blending Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel 
  • Exercises with the Diesel Optimizer to make US, EU, Mexican diesels, with & without Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel 
  • Green Fuels vs Fossil GHG Reduction 

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