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Q1 2024

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This One-Day conference explores how banks, fintechs, financial and investment institutions are adopting digitalisation, AI and other frontier technologies to transform their business processes, streamline efficiencies, innovate services and improve profitability, while managing compliance and cyber security risks. 

At the same time the world’s central banks and regulators are planning for a new world of tokenisation, retail and wholesale CBDCs along with associated regulatory infrastructure that will impact the future of financial services and capital markets. 

Innovations being introduced by fintechs, challenger, internet and neo banks, as well as payment and embedded finance service providers, pose opportunities and threats to major banks. 

Attendees at the Summit will gain first-hand insights and understanding into:

  • Enabling financial services innovation and payment systems digitalisation.
  • Technology prerequisites and use cases for digital currencies, stablecoins and CBDCs. 
  • Initiatives in regulatory policy, open banking and sandboxes in boost innovation.
  • Tokenised securities issuance and capital markets digitalisation for lower costs, reduced risk, and wider market access
  • Digital infrastructure development, sustainability and ESG in risk frameworks

Detailed Agenda


Registration and coffee 

(Morning Session 1: 09:15- 11:20)

Welcome and opening remarks

Michael Cherrington & Leoni Zhao, Managing Directors and Co-Founders, West Meets East

Keynote presentation - Adopting public private partnership to unlock growth and prosperity through FPS, a digital-first economy and sustainable finance initiatives 

  • Realising economic benefit from key U.K. competitive advantages in financial and professional services as well as technological and data-driven industries
  • Enhancing global policy and collaboration

City of London Corporation tbc

How digital will transform the financial industry

  • Re-imagining London’s future in financial and professional services
  • Implications of the City of London’s global city roadmap for financial services
  • Productivity benefits of a digital financial services economy
  • Digital’s role in ensuring financial inclusion
  • Goals for techUK’s financial services programme

Andy Thornley, Head of Programme - Financial Services, techUK

International perspectives on fintech and digital finance 

  • Digital finance evolution in Europe vs. Asia
  • Opportunities for U.K. and European fintechs in Asia

Francis Trollope, Senior Manager Fintech - Deputy Head of Business and Talent Attraction and Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, London Office

Hong Kong’s perspective on digitalisation of financial service and virtual asset platforms

  • Regulatory development and considerations for sustainable innovation and grow
  • Licensing of virtual asset trading platforms (VATP)

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)

Securities and Futures commission of Hong Kong (SFC)

Regulatory policy evolution for digital finance and markets innovation

  • The Financial Services and Markets (FSM) Bill and smarter financial services framework
  • Opportunities for the UK as a global digital and crypto-asset technology hub
  • Evolution of the PRA and FCA
  • Implementing a regulatory sandbox to test, adopt and scale new technologies
  • Longer term financial stability and initiatives to reduce systemic risk and contagion in the financial industry

Panel Discussion

Digital business banking transformation for SMEs - Fireside chat

  • What benefits will digital banking and financial management services bring?
  • How businesses will use digital transformation and innovation to increase efficiencies
  • Combining modern tech with local relationships to provide tailored support for growth

Conrad Ford, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Morning coffee and tea networking break


(Morning Session 2: 11:40- 13:40)

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) use cases and technical initiatives 

  • Global shifts in how money is issued, distributed, and used
  • Outcomes of the BoE / BIS project on innovation for a more digitalised economy
  • Potential for implementation of wholesale, retail and synthetic CBDCs
  • Orchestrating the regulated digital ecosystem

Claire Conby, Operations and Governance Lead, Digital Pound Foundation

Tamara Ferreira Schmidt, Executive Director, Digital Euro Association

How blockchain API will transform digital transactions and shape the future of fintech 

  • Overledger platform and CBDC - conclusions from Project Rosalind
  • How interoperability, DLT are being adopted in demanding financial use case innovations, including regulated tokenised money and digital assets

Dr. Luke Riley, Head of Innovation, Quant Network

How M&A, fintechs and challenger banks will shape the financial future 

  • Where is investment being channelled now?
  • Venture-capital and private equity-backed deals
  • Institutional opportunities with digital asset markets
  • Improving the access of private companies to capital
  • M&A and fintech consolidation impacts on the financial ecosystem

Panel Discussion

Roberto Napolitano, Director, Innovate Finance

Networking lunch break


(Afternoon Session 1: 13:40-15:45)

Digital asset tokenisation, management and the future of capital markets 

  • Ecosystem for digital asset management
  • Tokenising assets and revolutionising market efficiency
  • Potential for leveraging adaptive AI and LLMs
  • Future of securities settlement and management of the underlying risks

Tamara Ferreira Schmidt, Executive Director, Digital Euro Association

Applying model risk management practice in the emerging era of AI, ML-driven digital financial services and markets 

  • Impacts of AI, ML in financial services
  • Applicability and limitations of existing risk management frameworks
  • Specific risks with AI systems and means to address them
  • Trends in regulatory guidance on model risk management
  • Model complexity and implications for risk awareness

Sanja Hukovic, Head of Model Risk Management, London Stock Exchange Group

Digital assets and future of capital markets: Use case on property 

  • Design, delivery and operation of global real estate exchanges utilising distributed ledger technologies
  • Adopting AI, storage and smart contracts to transform legacy workflow processes
  • Realising a fast, efficient, liquid and secure, global property trading system

Antony Abell, CEO and Co-Founder, TPX™️ Property Exchanges  

Digital assets and future of capital markets: Use case on carbon asset tokenisation and carbon credit exchange 

  • How blockchain helps in building trust, transparency and accountability among participants in carbon credit initiatives
  • Inclusive carbon solutions to empower SMEs and retail investors
  • Use of Greencoin utility tokens in providing incentives and fundraising
  • Collaborative ecosystem building using partnerships for holistic impact

Deshith Gamage, Co-Founder,

Dr. Hui (Hugo) Gong, Tech Advisor,, and Founder, China-UK​ Blockchain Association

Enabling digital technologies and ESG challenges

  • Sustainability and ESG compliance challenges for financial institutions
  • How the financial services industry has reacted in the wake of COP26
  • Achieving net-zero across a financial institution’s value chain
  • Embedding ESG into risk frameworks and technology choices
  • Supporting the future digital ecosystem

Lesley Li, CEO and Co-Founder, U Impact

Afternoon tea and coffee networking break


(Afternoon Session 2: 15:45-17:30)

Cross- border payment systems digitalisation 

  • Current inefficiencies in the financial and payments system 
  • Innovation to facilitate cross-border trade to help SMEs
  • Connecting and improving the financial eco-system between the U.K. and Asia

Sumit Arora, Managing Director and Board Member, EEA and UK Region, Ant Group

Discussion: Future of payments, open banking development and PSD3 

  • Strengthening the foundations of open banking 
  • Functionality and performance rules for APIs for improved data flows and payment information sharing
  • Potential for programmable money to streamline complex corporate payments

Claire Conby, Co-Founder and CRO, OneStep Financial 

Sumit Arora, Managing Director and Board Member, EEA and UK Region, Ant Group

Transforming the regulated investment platform model through automation, self-service and outstanding user experience 

  • Implementing secure, client-centric platforms and solutions for financial advisors in wealth management
  • Importance of tech ownership and control in provision of access to innovation in features offered and personalised experience internationally
  • Evaluation of frontier technologies for a new generation of personalised financial products and services

Alex Cowan-Sanluis, Chief Executive Officer

Digital banking transformation - Evolution of cybersecurity strategies 

  • Enhancing cybercrime threat detection and accelerated response
  • Leveraging new AI models, automation and shared data to protect against data breaches
  • Implications of regulation on cybersecurity and related compliance

Martin Borrett, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Security UK and Ireland

Intellectual Property (IP) strategy for fintech and technology providers: Including an update on overseas jurisdictions 

  • Identifying and obtaining registered IPRs for fintech innovations
  • Open-source software licensing
  • Copyright and brand protection in fintech
  • R&D collaborations and commercial transactions

Concluding summary: Evolution of financial industry structure for the future digital economy 

  • Essential financial services innovation for digital life
  • Unlocking inclusive digital economies
  • Leveraging private capital for social and environmental needs
  • How to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and resilience

Andy Thornley, Head of Programme - Financial Services, techUK

Roberto Napolitano, Director of Marketing, Innovate Finance tbc

Close of London Digital Finance & Markets Innovation Summit


 Andy Thornley

Head of Financial Services, techUK

Andy joined techUK in August 2022 as Head of Programme – Financial Services. His role includes leading techUK’s work in building a greater understanding of the 'technological art of the possible' in order to apply it to the reform and evolution of financial systems.

Before joining techUK, Andy worked for a number of other bodies in the financial services sector, including the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, where in addition to owning policy and public affairs, he was also responsible for fostering InsurTech in the sector.

 Francis Trollope

Senior Manager Fintech, Deputy Head of Business and Talent Attraction - Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, London Office

Previously Francis specialised in investment and tax planning of individuals, families and business owners in the UK at FLM Wealth Management, St. Jame’s Place and Fidelity International. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI).

Francis is Senior Manager, Fintech at InvestHK, the Hong Kong SAR Government Department where he is responsible for attracting and retaining Foreign Direct Investment.  

 Conrad Ford

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Previously Conrad founded Funding Options - a fintech named in the 2022 Financial Times FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing firms - before stepping down as CEO in 2019. More recently, he has advised a number of the UK’s flagship fintechs, including Starling Bank, iwoca, Coconut and Trade Ledger.

Conrad Ford is Chief Product Officer at Allica Bank, which was recently named by The Times newspaper as one of the UK’s Top 20 financial technology (fintech) firms. Allica is bringing relationship banking back to the UK’s established SMEs, using the latest technology. 

 Sumit Arora

Managing Director and Board Member, EEA and UK Region, Ant Group

Throughout his career, Sumit has collaborated with entities like Pearson Education, BBC, SAP, Christie’s, Tidal Music, Liverpool Football Club, Urban Outfitters and Travel pack on impactful cross-border payment initiatives.

With a strong focus on consumer needs, Ant Group's brands, AliPay and World First, have excelled in offering frictionless payment experiences. World First's range of cross-border payment solutions, multi-currency accounts, and foreign exchange services have bolstered international trade, supported exporters and importers, and empowered e-commerce by enabling multi-currency payments. 

 Sanja Hukovic

Head of Model Risk Management, London Stock Exchange Group

Sanja worked for three and a half years as JP Morgan head of Quality Assurance for Model Risk Governance and Review and JP Morgan Chase and Co.

Sanja’s model validation career started in UBS Quantitative Risk Control, where she was first the product head for the securitised product in New York, and then Deputy Head and Product Head for EQ, FZ and Client Portfolio teams in London and Zurich. Sanja then led the UBS quantitative risk standard team, which part of risk methodology group focusing on Risk Based PnL, and quantitative risk measures. She returned to model validation to cover UBS Treasury, Operational Risk, and AML models.

 Antony Abell

CEO and Co-Founder, TPX™️ Property Exchanges

As a Founder my role has been to create, design, fund and enable! The TPX™ Property Exchanges is due to deploy their regulated exchanges 'shortly' and the target is 20x cities in 20 months.

Antony is a serial entrepreneur / financier who focuses his efforts on the running and funding of breakout technologies and high growth ventures. His current focus is in the commercial deployment of new proptech using blockchain (DLT), smart contract, automated market maker (AMM), AI and DeFi enabled technologies and systems on regulated property exchanges that enable property as a new liquid, tradable, asset class. She returned to model validation to cover UBS Treasury, Operational Risk, and AML models.

 Martin Borrett

Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Security UK and Ireland

Martin is Chairman of the European IBM Security Board of Advisors, represents IBM at GFCE and the Industry Advisory Board of LORCA, the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and member of the IET.

Martin advises at the most senior level in clients on policy, business, technical and architectural issues associated with security. Martin leads IBM's Security Blueprint work and is co-author of the IBM Redbooks "Introducing the IBM Security Framework and IBM Security Blueprint to Realize Business-Driven Security" and "Understanding SOA Security". 

 Tamara Ferreira Schmidt

Executive Director, Digital Euro Association

Tamara has been actively participating in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem to foster innovation with interests covering fintech, education, blockchain and artificial intelligence among others.

In her role at Digital Euro Association (DEA), Tamara is involved in projects related central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money. She is a financial market specialist with over 15 years of experience working with investments and product structuring including B3, one of the world’s largest exchanges.

 Deshith Gamage


Deshith specialises in fintech and corporate compliance for blockchain and decentralised finance, as well as data management and analysis for AI modelling.  He holds an MSc in fintech with business analytics from the University of Westminster.

Being one of the key concept developers for deploying tokenised carbon credits on the blockchain, Deshith is working on GreenLabs's carbon capture standardisation framework and their GreenCoin token.

 Lesley Li

CEO and Co-Founder, U Impact

Previously, she worked for leading investment banks including JP Morgan and Barclays in London for over ten years. She graduated with a Masters in Finance from Cambridge Judge Business School and MPhil in Industrial Management from University of Cambridge.

Founded by Lesley in Berlin, U Impact helps financial institutions to turn their ESG cost and regulatory burden into revenue and growth opportunities by using data to empower their clients to become more confident and sustainable investors.

 Lynn Zhai

Managing Director, Anova Space Technology

Previously, Lynn worked for Amazon, working on digital transformation, streamlining operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction. She holds a Master’s degree from University of Warwick.

Lynn is passionate about fostering cross-industry collaboration bridging the gap between earth orbit (EO) data and financial professionals. Anova Space Technology collaborates with satellite operators, offering solutions to clients worldwide. Lynn identified the potential for harnessing Anova’s EO data with analytics and nuances of financial markets to revolutionise how financial institutions make informed decisions and manage risk.

 Dr Nithin Thomas

CEO and Founder, Klarytee

Klarytee is a data centric security platform that protects sensitive data in documents from leaking to AI, public cloud and SaaS. Nithin has a PhD and MEng in  computer systems engineering from the University of Bristol.

 Felicia Meyerowitz Singh

Founder & CEO, MD, NED and Fintech Advisor - Engage Smarter AI, CompareThePlatform, Platform One

She is a financial services, open finance and wealth market specialist, working in an FCA regulated environment across insurers, banks, and investment distribution firms. Felicia has an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Strategic Marketing from London Business School.

Felicia is co-founder of Engage Smarter, which provides financial institutions with customer support in making financial decisions leveraging AI chatbox. The app is live with a large FI, backed by UK government grant.

Who Should Attend


Commercial, Retail, Investment

Digital Service Providers

Card Service Providers, Asset Banks, Exchanges, FinTech Companies


Legal, Financial, Audit, Insurers

Corporate Executives

C-Suite, Managing Directors,Policy Developers


Central Banks, Regulatory Authorities


Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds

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